Top Management

  • The top management is responsible for the review and approval of the Quality Policy and to ensure sufficient resources are maintained to meet company quality objectives.


  • Supervisors and managers are responsible for communicating and enforcing the Quality Policy and changes to the policy across their functional areas.
  • Supervisors and managers are responsible for ensuring personnel comply with the Quality systems and encourage continual improvement.
  • Supervisors and Managers are responsible for ensuring non-conformance with the quality policy corrected in an expedient manner.

Employee/ Subcontractor/ Vendors and suppliers.

  • Each employee and person working for or on behalf of BSS is responsible for complying with the Quality policy and contributing to the Quality system through continuous assessment of internal procedures and process improvement.
  • Employees should ensure procedures are followed and that documented procedures and other applicable supporting documents are current, accurate, and fully address the requirements to meet the standard.
  • Employees are responsible for presenting identified processes deficiencies or non-conformances with customer requirements and standards to their immediate supervisor.
  • Employees are responsible for ensuring their procedures and other applicable quality documents are periodically reviewed in accordance with the company’s QAMS processes for documentation management and revision control.
  • Employees are encouraged to examine procedures and promote innovative or alternative methods of achieving customer requirements and standards through more lean, efficient, and safer practices to their supervisor/managers.
  • Personnel are responsible for identifying areas that do not conform with the quality Policy and report it to their direct Supervisor/manager.